Submitting Paperwork

In order to ensure students are in compliance with Science Fair rules, it is important for students' paperwork/documentation to be complete and organized when it is submitted to the Director. 

Documentation requirements for each School/Institution:

Documentation requirements for each project:

  1. A complete research plan including the following: 
    1. Rationale
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Research question
    4. Detailed procedures
    5. Risk and safety
    6. Data analysis
    7. Bibliography (citing at least 5 sources).
  2. Form (All projects require the follow): 
    1. Checklist for Adult Sponsor
    2. Student Checklist (1A)
    3. Approval Form (1B) 
  3. Project-specific Forms - If the research involves humans, microbiology, and vertebrate animals then additional forms and pre-approval by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) will be required.  The ISEF "Rules Wizard" can help identify which forms will be required, but any questions should be directed to the MCSF SRC or IRB.  Examples of additional forms include:
    1. Risk Assessment Form 3
    2. Form (1C)
  4. Photo Release Form - A photo release form, signed by a parent/guardian, should be included with each student's paperwork.

The Process

  • Use the "Missing Data From ISEF Forms" as a pre-check to be sure all the information required is included. 
  • The research plan, forms and spreadsheet must be organized by project and mailed/delivered to the director before the registration deadline (March 1).  Please do not send these as scans or faxes because the director will NOT have time to organize the paperwork.  Paperwork should be sent to the fair director:
    Joyce Stark
    Sunnyside High School
    1801 E. Edison Avenue
    Sunnyside, WA 98944
  • Students should have also electronically registered, and will be matched to their paperwork by Name, Project Title, and School.