Any student enrolled in grades 6-12 in any public or private school in the Mid-Columbia region of Washington and homeschools is eligible to enter his/her original exhibit that has not been displayed in previous Regional Fairs.  Counseling and guidance will be provided upon request.

Exhibit Requirements

A tabletop space 122cm (48") wide by 76cm (30") deep is provided; 274cm (9') to the ceiling may be used.  The display must be safely constructed so spectators will not be exposed to faulty construction or electrical wiring.  Dangerous chemicals, explosives, open flames, microbial cultures and fungi, poisonous animals or plants are not allowed and will be removed.  We recommend the use of colored photographs of such items.  Spectator-oriented controls may be part of the display if clearly labeled.  All items should be firmly attached to prevent theft.  The Fair Association cannot assume liability for loss or damage to exhibit.

Rules for ALL projects in grades 6-12

NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER February 27, 2018 (Note: earlier deadlines apply for projects requiring SRC/IRB approvals).

  • All projects in grades 6-12 must comply with the RULES of the International Science and Engineering Fair. Some projects, for example those involving human subjects or vertebrate animals, require much more stringent overview than others.  The best way to determine which particular rules you must pay attention to and which approval forms you must fill out is to step through the ISEF "Rules Wizard" .
  • Information involving state and federal regulations, controlled and hazardous substances, lasers, recombinant DNA, pathogens, animal and human research, gasohol, and tissue samples can be found in the Rule Book.
  • Submit one copy of a typed abstract of the research - including objective (hypothesis), procedure, results (data), conclusions, reflections or applications - using not more than 250 words.  Display this with the exhibit. (Note: The MCSF does not require use of the Intel ISEF Official Abstract Form.)
  • A written REPORT based on the scientific method and a Journal are required.
  • Adult Sponsor Checklist, Research Plan and Approval Form MUST be signed before experimentation begins, and submitted with registrations.
  • BEFORE RESEARCH BEGINS - All research involving live vertebrate animals, human subjects (including yourself), recombinant DNA, human or animal tissue, pathogenic agents, and controlled substances must be reviewed and approved by a local or regional Scientific Review Committee.  Check with your adult sponsor or step through the ISEF "Rules Wizard"  for the proper forms.

For more information concerning rules or general science fair questions, contact the fair Director.