2017 Fair Day Approaching - Important Reminders for Participants

The Mid-Columbia Science Fair will be held on March 9th, 2017 at the Columbia Center Mall.  As Fair Day approaches, all participants are reminded to review the Mid-Columbia Science Fair and International Science and Engineering Fair rules.  Students/teachers are reminded:

  • School and/or student names cannot appear on posters.  Student/School names on the back of posters should be covered with tape.  Names can be written inside journals and/or reports, but not on the covers. 
  • Endorsements/logos/branding from research institutions, companies, and universities cannot appear on posters.  Acknowledgments can be included in the journal or written report.
  • Include a rationale and data analysis with the procedures. Middle school students must have at least an average but statistics are required for grades 9-12.
  • Project Summary Clarification.  This is only needed if changes have been made to the original research plan and could require an addendum to the SRC/IRB.  Results and conclusions are not to be written in advance.   If there are not any major changes, a project summary is not required.
  • Teachers must include the photo release with the registration materials and submit a list to the Fair Director of those students who did not submit a photo release.

Questions about the items above can be sent to the Fair Director.